Sunflowers and Sun Hats


I love sunflowers. So bright and happy, slapping you around the face with a big dose of summer.

My Facebook memories reminded me me this morning that it is somewhat obligatory when growing sunflowers to take photos of them towering over small children and my photo albums show that for many a year I have faithfully followed this tradition.  And yet somehow this year we have not grown any sunflowers.  Or any anything much really.  In preparation for our impending house move in the autumn our garden has been somewhat neglected.  Next year I shall be sure to rectify this situation!

In the meantime, here is a 6 year old photograph of a sunflower, not exactly towering over, but managing to top all 5ft 9″ of me.


The sunflowers in my life this year are of the yarny variety.  All of my seasonal wreaths have been heavily influenced by those created by Lucy at Attic24 and from the first time I saw her autumn wreath I knew that mine would also have to feature beautiful crochet sunflowers too to represent the summer, clinging on in floral form after the wind has chilled and the leaves are starting to turn.  For now this wreath is still in the planning stages but as I have found myself reaching for a cardie over the last few days, so I have also started thinking about autumn palettes.

Now I want to share something far more summery!  When my sister mentioned that my baby niece was in need of a sun hat a sunflower was the obvious place my mind went, what could be cuter than a baby wearing a flower hat?

I found this fabulous pattern from Oui Crochet back in May and started making the seedy area of the hat immediately using Rico Essential Cotton DK.  For reasons I cannot now recall the poor, half finished, garment was then sin-binned into a bag at the back of a drawer until this week when it was rescued and finally completed with the petals made from Stylecraft Classique Cotton in the perfectly named Sunflower colour.  I bodged the petals slightly and they don’t all match but here I am choosing to find beauty in imperfection.

So ta-dah! My sunflower sunhat.








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