My creative goal for 2016 was to learn how to knit socks!  After teaching myself to knit in 2014 and crochet in 2015 it seemed like a logical next step to master the sock.

I started my first sock attempt in the middle of last year using a pattern in a book and wrestling the hedgehog of 5 double pointed needles (DPNs) but I was soon disheartened by the spiky, complex mess and gave up and chucked it in the drawer of doom.

But this year, thanks to Facebook I found the fabulous Christine Perry and the wonderful Sockalongers and the sock knitting process was easily demystified.  I bought the book on the 2nd January and completed my first pair of socks using a small circular needle on 11th February!  The next 3 pairs followed in the following months, sparkly rainbows for me (obviously!) and stripy ones as gifts for a good friend and my husband.

I am more than a little bit in love with self striping sock yarn. Its so very clever the way it works and really rather addictive watching the stripes unfold as you knit.  The blue pair, my very first, with the noticeable problem on the top of the foot, are made from Drops Fabel Print.  The other stripes are Arne & Carlos for Regia and the beautiful rainbows are hand dyed by the supremely talented Arwen Makes.


I’ve just finished socks number 9 & 10 and these are a very special pair as they are destined for the Yarndale Sock Line.  The sock line is a community project organised by Christine Perry to create a beautiful line of sock bunting for all visitors to the yarn based show to enjoy.  And this year my socks will be up there too!  Its not just about creating beauty though and after the two days of the festival the socks will be gifted to people via various local charities. Please do click through to Christine’s blog to find out more about it.

So here they are.  My Yarndale sock line socks!  Made from Opal Sweet & Spicy 2 sock yarn in zuckerstreusel which I believe translates to sugar sprinkles.  Probably my most accomplished pair yet despite me having dropped a heels worth of stitches in an unfortunate campfire side incident!  I am very pleased with them and think that perhaps for my next pair I will need to try a more complicated pattern…



13 thoughts on “Socks

  1. They’re fabulous socks, Beth, thank you! They will be very much appreciated by someone who needs a little more love in their lives and those colours will definitely brighten up their day. xx


    1. Thank you Christine! I was absolutely baffled by socks until I found your tutorials. They are so clearly explained.

      And I can’t wait to see all of the socks in place on the sock line next month 🙂


  2. Doreen Collins

    how lovely! I was like you on a mission to learn to make socks and blood sweat and tears later completed my first pair. now I want to learn how to do basic fair isle..very ‘basic’!!


  3. They are beautiful and will bring, colour, joy and warmth to someone who needs it. I too took up the sock challenge this year with Christine’s wonderful book and currently working on Yarndale socks!


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