I love rainbows!  And whipping up quick little projects in between the bigger things that can sometimes feel like a slog.  Here are my latest quick rainbow makes. But they are both gifts so shhh, don’t tell just yet!


This gorgeous little crochet heart hanger was made from an Attic24 pattern, the heart pattern is by BeaG and the yarn is a teeny bit of the stunning Jewel Rainbow I am sloooooooowly working up into a shawl hand dyed by Arwen Makes.  This is a new home gift for a friend who will be moving soon.



This adorable baby hat is fresh off the needles today.  I really did not enjoy sewing in all the pesky ends the rainbow created but look how cute it is! This hat is destined for a baby that has yet to join us earthside and so will have to go away for a few weeks until she is ready to meet us.

The pattern is by Little Red Window and yarn is Stylecraft Special DK in grey, fondant, spice, sunshine, green, turquoise, royal and violet.


I suppose that now these are finished and blogged about I should probably go and crack on with one of my big works in progress that keep stalling as I get distracted by quick wins. Or maybe I’ll order some yarn for my autumn wreath….


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