My First Yarn Along

As you know my blog is pretty new and I started it not quite sure what I wanted it to be.  I knew I wanted to share the beautiful things I made and saw and maybe some of my thoughts on stuff in general and I think that’s what it is panning out to be.  I did know that I wanted to join up with other bloggers in some sort of craft related link up and so I have been keeping my eyes peeled as I browse around some of the fantastic creativity there is on t’internet.

I was utterly thrilled to come across Ginny at Small Things because her Yarn Along is right up my street.  Each Wednesday she shares what she is reading and what she is knitting, the perfect combination! So I shall be accepting her kind invitation to join her and also plan to share my Yarn Along each week.

This has however posed an aesthetic issue for me!  Being a busy mum to 3 young children I find opportunities to sit and read are few and far between and so my reading is almost all snatched in short bursts often alongside other jobs.  The exception to this is should I have any energy left by the end of the day then I like to read in bed, next to my sleeping husband who has to get up much earlier than I do.

I discovered very early on in my parenting journey that it is really difficult to prop open a book and turn the pages with just one hand when the other is occupied tending to the needs of a small person.  I turned to Kindle and have never looked back.  Now I read while cooking, changing the page with the press of an elbow if my hands are mucky; I read while emptying the washing machine and folding laundry; I read while knitting, again with the elbow page turning; I read in the woods while my children search for the elusive perfect stick, here using the nose press to turn the page if my hands are encased in gloves; and I read in bed with the light turned off!

But ebooks are nowhere near as photogenic as their printed siblings.  This week I have decided to put my kindle in the photograph and the front cover of my book pulled up on the kindle app on my tablet.  I’m not in love with the look to be honest. So I shall give it more thought over the next 7 days and see what I come up with.


Here is my first Yarn Along photograph!  On my Kindle American Gods by Neil Gaiman.  I started this yesterday and am loving it so far, I’ve been completely swept up in the story.

On my needles is a Breathe Shawl by Siew Clark. Its been there for far too long really but as the rows have grown longer and are now taking 15 minutes apiece I am finding it more difficult to find blocks of time in which I will be uninterrupted to complete a row and am instead picking up projects which are much easier to put down when the children need me NOW.  I am hopeful that putting it here, and being accountable for progress each week will speed things up somewhat.  I am almost at the end of the first ball of the beautiful hand dyed yarn from Arwen Makes and plan to add a second to make a lovely big shawl.  I intend to be well into that second ball by next week…

13 thoughts on “My First Yarn Along

  1. So glad you decided to join us. I have found more projects and books that I want to read in this meme than anywhere else! I am recently back from a month long blogging break and trying to get back into the routine.
    I have found audio books to be wonderful! While driving to work or knitting when my hands are occupied.
    Thanks for following my blog. I’m of now to learn more about you! 🙂

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  2. Mickey

    Your shawl looks lovely, and I am eager to find out your thoughts on your book too. Kindle editions are nice but it is not a book. I find I still need the printed word to feel like I have read a book. I charge through ebooks but it is not as satisfying.

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    1. I remember feeling the same when I first switched over to ebooks and I’ve tried a few proper books since but I’ve come to the realisation that they are too tricky to fit into my lifestyle at the moment. Maybe when the children are grown I’ll be able to enjoy turning the pages again 😉


  3. Welcome to yarn along! I read on my Kindle quite often as well especially with the library having ebooks. However, I wish the Kindle had the pretty covers on the front page or something similar primarily for pictures as well. 😉 I love the colors of your shawl!

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  4. Welcome to yarnalong! I think your image is just fine as it’s a true reflection of your reading and knitting and that’s what it’s all about. Lovely yarn for your shawl, so looking forward to seeing it finished.

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