Yarn Along


On my needles this week the never-ending shawl.  Still.

On my kindle Dissolution by C.J. Sansom.

Yarn Along has helped me to make some progress on the shawl despite me being thoroughly fed up with it.  Last week I set out my intention to start on the second ball of yarn before today and I have achieved that goal!  The pattern is one of those that says “continue pattern until required size is reached” and I find myself knitting up those super long rows wondering if maybe it is big enough yet.  Or daydreaming about all of the lovely things I could make with the rest of this soft snuggly yarn if I just stopped now.  But it is that self same snugglyness that is keeping me going.  I know I will love this shawl more if it is big enough to completely envelop my shoulders and and so I knit on.

I have added a row to the habit tracker in my BuJo with the target of knitting 4 rows a day and I am trying very hard to knit those 4 rows before picking up anything else.  I have bought the yarn for my autumn wreath and it is sitting patiently waiting for me while I try out something new which is almost finished and I will hopefully be able to share here in the next couple of days.

So thats the craft situation.  On to the books!  I finished American Gods at 2am which I think is a pretty good recommendation for any book!  I really loved how different it was to anything else I have read recently and how the plot twists and turns meant I never managed to work out quite where it was going which kept me wanting to turn the pages rather than sleep.

I started Dissolution this morning with my breakfast so don’t have much of an opinion just yet.  This book has been on my to read list for around 18 months and got bumped closer to the top following a conversation with a friend who had just finished it and moved straight on to the next in the series, which is a great measure of how much she enjoyed it.  The deciding factor in choosing it now was the same friend pointing out it was reduced to 99p on kindle.  Because when there are hundreds of books on your to read list you might as well choose them based on what’s cheap!

7 thoughts on “Yarn Along

  1. I think the shawl is lovely, and sometimes a “slough” of knitting just needs a push over the hump and you finish it and have something that you really love! I hope this is the case for you – the colors are so bright and cheery and will certainly lift the grey days of winter!

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  2. love this pattern. I think I might like to try it. It it just repeats and I can pick it up and put it down without getting lost that’s even better! Can you share the pattern???


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