Little Bee Flowerpot

I am really very pleased with my latest creation.  It is a gift for a friend who sent me a message casually asking if I sell the things I make!  I told her no, but I do gift them and left it at that.  Then I got to thinking what to send her.

She is an amateur beekeeper and outdoorsy person and as I was walking past my Summer wreath the little bee caught my eye and this design popped into my mind fully formed.

After a fruitless search around local shops for teeny tiny terracotta pots I ended up buying online (which means I had to by in bulk and so will almost certainly end up making more of these little pots of flowers).

The bee pattern is from Moho blog, the rose, a real favourite of mine at the moment from Attic24 and the design is mine.

So with the help of some pretty pins we went from this…


…to this!


And another photo because I can’t help admiring this from all angles!


And one last one to show the scale!  The polystyrene ball has a diameter of just 6cm.



I hope she likes it.  I definitely do!


11 thoughts on “Little Bee Flowerpot

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