Jewel Rainbow Breathe Shawl

I finished my shawl! Just 3 days ago I published a Yarn Along post in which I described this shawl as never ending and yet it turns out a rainy bank holiday weekend was all that was needed to get it finished.
But before I rush straight into the finished article here’s a bit of background.  Last month I was browsing a Facebook group of lovely yarny people and saw a photograph of a Hitchhiker shawl made from a beautiful yarn that looked like little flashes of rainbow on a darker base. Straightaway I had to ask where it was from.  It was hand dyed by the wonderful Arwen Makes and was called Jewel Rainbow.  I got in touch but she didn’t have any more of this colour way on a sock weight yarn for me to recreate the shawl I had fallen for. She did however have two skeins of the same colour on a DK weight Donegal Nep so I snapped them up!

Then I started searching Ravelry for something to make that would show it off. I chose the Breathe shawl by Siew Clark which you can get for free here.  It seemed like a fairly straightforward pattern and I thought the eyelets would help the heavier weight yarn to drape nicely. I also liked that it was a chilled out pattern that can be worked in any yarn, with any needles to make any size.

I cast mine on to 4.5mm needles and planned to go until I ran out of yarn. And despite a couple of wobbles where I was sorely tempted to bind off earlier I did indeed continue until there was just 20g left (the buffer being there because the last 4 rows are a different pattern and I couldn’t face a game of yarn chicken).

So would you like to see? How about a little close up tease?

Sorry what was that? You want to see the finished shawl? Oh go on then!

Now just to wait for a cool, crisp day to snuggle up under those beautiful rainbows.

4 thoughts on “Jewel Rainbow Breathe Shawl

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