Yarn Along


On my needles this week, nothing!

I finished my Rainbow Shawl through the week, photos for yarn alongers following my progress here.  Since then I’ve also completed two more projects Little Bee Flowerpot and Butterfly Flowerpot.

Though I may be without knitting I am obviously not without a project and so on my hook this week is the stripy base for my latest wreath and some autumn leaves.  There are going to be lots and lots of leaves on this finished item so expect more over the coming weeks.  For now I’ve only just started!

On my kindle is still Dissolution by C.J. Sansom.  I’m enjoying this book and have nearly finished it. I’m at that point of a book where I’d really like to stop everything else and sit and get it done but sadly life is getting in the way today.  I make a point of never ever reading a review or even the back cover blurb of a novel before I start it, preferring to leave the contents a complete surprise.  I was expecting this book to be historical fiction based on the title, which it is but I have been pleasantly surprised by it also being a whodunnit.  Now if I could only find a quiet half hour to get to the bottom of that mystery…

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3 thoughts on “Yarn Along

  1. I have enjoyed seeing your projects. I don’t think they have to all be knitting projects… I love fall so anything fallish get me excited! I know what you mean by being closed to done with a book and just wanting to sit and complete it. 🙂 Have fun with all those leaves! :))


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