Autumn Wreath

Autumn is the 5th seasonal wreath I have made in the last 12 months (Christmas is absolutely a season!) but the first I have made since starting blogging.  So I am very excited about this post and consequently it is loaded with ALL the photos of the stages of this wreath.  I am planning to pull together a separate post with all 5 wreaths and the story of how they came to be in the next few days.

But for now this is autumn!

Over the last year I have amassed quite a collection of Stylecraft Special DK.  This is an acrylic yarn but it is not at all squeaky and feels lovely and soft.  It is also cheap as chips and available in lots of different colours and so its my go to for pretty much everything I make that isn’t for wearing.  While this wreath was in the planning stages I emptied out the acrylic drawer and discovered that my yarn shopping was heavily influenced by my favourite colours and I had 24 different shades of green, blue and purple and nothing at all autumnal. So brand new balls it was!


This was what I chose. Clockwise from the yellowy shade at the top they are Mustard, Meadow, Khaki, Parchment, Sandstone, Mocha, Walnut, Dark Brown, Claret, Copper, Spice and Gold.  Also in this photo is the 30cm polystyrene half wreath, it’s flat on the back, that was the base for all of the yarny stuff.  I bought mine from Amazon in a pack of 5.

I have mentioned before how heavily influenced my wreaths have been by Lucy at Attic24 and this one is no exception.  And so it started with a stripy wreath cover made up from row after row after row of double crochet stitches (UK terminology, US SC).  I got carried away watching the West Wing while crocheting and so forgot to take a photo of the flat, finished cover before it was sewn on but you can see it not long after I started it in this Yarn Along post.

This is what it looks like on the base.


Then I made some leaves.  Lots of leaves!


Maple leaves, pattern by The Painted Hinge. I loved arranging these like the sycamore leaves in my blog header image.


Oak leaves. Pattern for the lacy gold one by Jo-Ann.  The others by Pattern Paradise.


And lots and lots of little leaves from my favourite Attic24 pattern.


I love autumn leaves so much.  I really enjoyed taking some of my yarn leaves to the woods to be photographed with real leaves from trees.

As tempting as it was to just use leaves we needed some extras. So next came…

A conker, pattern by Happy Berry Crochet

A big toadstool pattern by No Day Without Yarn and a little one pattern by Annaboo’s House

And a hedgehog, pattern by Crochet Stitch Witch.  This little hedgehog is so sweet I’m sure she will make me smile every time she catches my eye sat in her little bed of leaves. Of course I couldn’t resist photographing her in her leaves before I pinned her onto the wreath base!



One stripey wreath base, thirty autumn leaves, two toadstools, a conker and an adorable hedgehog all pinned together makes….


An autumn wreath 🙂


5 thoughts on “Autumn Wreath

    1. Thank you!

      I have no idea how many stitches, precision is absolutely not my thing! I made a chain long enough to stretch around the ring and then checked it was still big enough occasionally and adding a couple of increases when it wasn’t. As I say, very low precision!


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