A Wreath for Every Season

In September last year a friend of mine with a habit of starting wonderful Facebook groups asked if anyone would like to join her in a makealong to craft a Christmas wreath inspired by this one by Attic24. The idea was to tackle one element every couple of weeks and with plenty of time and the help of a supportive group everyone would have something gorgeous by the time the festive season rolled around.  I scrolled on by!  My crochet skills were limited to a wonky granny square and I’m not very good at not being good at things.  But, great friend that she is she directly recruited me with promises of support and fun.

And so I joined!  I found the stripy wreath cover with all of its rows of single crochet to be too intimidating so I bought a variegated yarn and started knitting a scarf shape in simple garter stitch.  Once that was done I started trying to crochet some flowers, got in a right muddle and strop and wondered what I was doing.  The turning point for me was a trip to Yarndale, a creative festival held nearby.  I went with a few of my friends from the group and there we met the lovely Lucy from Attic24.  She was so excited to hear that there were around 30 of us all working together to make ourselves things inspired by her that it really spurred me on to keep trying.  And by the end of November 2015 I had my first crochet wreath.


The holly, berries, stars and snowflakes were all Attic24 patterns and the first things I was ever proud to crochet.  The eagle eyed among you will notice I chickened out of amigurumi and knitted the robin!  He’s a pattern by Amanda Berry.

Well Christmas came and went and despite taking all of the rest of my Christmas decorations down on the 27th December as is my habit I couldn’t bring myself to take down the robin!  So I started work on a new wreath to replace him and came up with this effort for the rest of winter. (The robin stayed in situ well into January while I was working on mouse)


By this time I was feeling a little more confident and crocheted the base but still using a variegated yarn.  I stuck with the familiar for the decorations and used more Attic24 patterns, some of which I’d already made for Christmas. And I knitted the little mouse using this lovely Sarah Gasson pattern.  With a little scarf to keep him warm.

By this time I knew I didn’t want to move through the year without a crochet wreath on the wall and started work on spring so that it was all ready to switch in to place when the weather changed.


No knitting this time, just lots of spring crochet flowers all bursting into bloom and  a little bird perched in the middle.  The pansies are a pattern by Carola Wilma and everything else is of course Attic24.  Seriously, you should take a look around her blog at the wonderfully easy, step by step free patterns she publishes, I am a huge fan.

And as it always does, spring gave way to summer…


The first time I used different coloured yarn to crochet all of my stripes! This one probably looks very familiar to those who have seen my Butterfly Flowerpot and Little Bee Flowerpot as it was walking past this wreath that gave me the idea for the pots.  The butterfly pattern is from Crochet Zone, I used the same pattern and same yarn to make all 3 sizes I just changed hook size.  The bee pattern is from Moho Blog and the roses are my beloved Lucy Attic24.

Which brings us to the last one, finished just a few days ago and blogged in detail my Autumn Wreath.  But for consistencies sake I think it needs its photo here too.


I am so proud of how far I have come in just 12 short months.  From being scared to even try and make a crochet wreath incase I failed right through to having made 5 of them confidently and considering making them for other people in the next 12 months.  What a difference a year makes 🙂

And finally, just because they look so lovely all together, one more photo showing the progression through the seasons.


8 thoughts on “A Wreath for Every Season

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  2. Twillingart

    Wow, this is so inspiring and quite professional looking too. Isn’t it incredible what you can do with a bit of perseverance and support from your friends!? Keep up the beautiful work and if you ever feel like getting into the street-craft game def holler at me!

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  3. Isn’t it fun to master new skills? I’m glad you shared the progression of your wreaths. I’m in love with the winder version. That mouse is charming and so are the greens along the bottom. The fall wreath is also a delight…my favorite season. Well done!


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