Ready for Yarndale

Do you remember my Yarndale Socks?  Well the time has finally arrived and this weekend is the time for the lovely woolly festival!  I’m so excited to be heading into the Yorkshire Dales for some serious shopping and inspiration gathering.

And I’m ready!

Its weeks and weeks since I posted off my socks for Christine’s sock line and my sheep for Lucy’s flock so I will be looking out for them when I get there and following along once I get home to see where their onwards journeys take them.


Last year at Yarndale I saw a scarf pattern I liked pretty soon after entering the auction mart and then did 3 circuits of the hall looking for the perfect yarn to make it with.  I found   Jodi at Cuddlebums and her rainbows were exactly what I was looking for. I bought my first (of very many!) skein of hand dyed yarn from her and made a Seafoam Scarf with it.


When Jodi announced that she would be making a Rainbows in Yarndale box for fans of her yarn to makes shawls to wear to this year’s Yarndale I jumped to sign up for it.  I made mine into a Color Affection which I will be proudly wearing to identify myself as a Cuddlebums lover. Oh and I made my sheep’s coat with this yarn too!


And attached to my hand bag will be this teeny sock so that other members of the Sockalong will be able to spot me.


So if you are also heading to Yarndale look out for me wearing my shawl and sporting my teeny sock somewhere about my person.  I expect I’ll be carrying lots of bags and stroking yarn!  If you can’t make it then check back here for photos after the weekend!

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