Yarn Along


On my needles this week Dragonfly socks, on my kindle Happy by Derren Brown.

I’m round the corner on sock one so it’s plain sailing from here and I’m really enjoying watching the pattern emerge across the top of the foot.  I’m still loving this yarn from the West Yorkshire Spinners and have started to question whether to give this pair away as intended or keep them all for myself!

I often find it a struggle to read non fiction books as they don’t hold my attention as well as a story does but I am making an exception for Derren Brown who I love.  When we saw his stage show Miracle last year he talked about the content of the book and I have been waiting for it to be published and downloaded it the day it was released.  And it is good.  But I am considering getting a bit on the side in novel form just to break it up a bit…

Linking up with Ginny and the other yarnalongers sharing what they are reading and working on.

5 thoughts on “Yarn Along

    1. I am so tempted Elizabeth!

      The needles are a mini circular from Addi, they revolutionised sock knitting for me. I was finding it so difficult on double pointed needles and was ready to throw in the towel until I switched. These ones are 30cm and when it gets too tight on the toe decrease I switch over to a 20cm.


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