Yarn Along

Have you missed me?

Over the last couple of weeks I have been super busy moving house and have had no time to blog. Or craft. Or read!

But we now have all of our things in our new home and a lot of them sorted from boxes and bags into cupboards and onto shelves and we are starting to feel some normalcy return. 

And what could be more normal than joining the Yarn Along on a Wednesday?!

So photograph taken on my phone, post written on my phone. 

On my needles dragonfly socks. On my kindle Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.

I have been managing to squeeze a little knitting into the evenings in the last week when I have run out of unpacking energy and so I now have one of these socks just in need of the toe grafting and the other one well on its way.

I’m really enjoying the book as well in the odd snatcher moment I can find to read although I am finding it very Pratchett and not picking up much of Gaiman’s influence.

I’m hoping in the next day or two to be in a position to write a post about my new craft room, I have missed posting here and have had many opportunities for crafty daydreaming while busy cleaning so I’m expecting a big burst of creativity once I have a bit more time!

Linking up with Ginny and others sharing what they are crafting and reading.

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