A Room of One’s Own

I find myself nodding along enthusiastically when I read Virginia Woolf, especially the essay A Room of One’s Own.  Although she was writing about women writing, which isn’t a passion of mine, every point she made about how hard it is to tap into creativity when surround by the hubbub of the home resonated deeply.

When crafting and creating I find it so difficult to find a state of flow when interrupted seemingly every two minutes by a request which is not only lacking in urgency but often contains a need which could have been met without any input at all from me.  A large part of this is obviously being the main carer for three relatively young children but also there playing its part is my physical location in the middle of the house amongst them.  However they are no longer so young that they require the constant supervision of toddlerhood and after almost a decade of being mum first and a person in my own right second I strongly feel the need to carry a thought all the way to completion without a little voice disrupting the process. I have long yearned for the ability to put down a hot cup of tea or a pair of knitting needles without running a constant risk assessment of where everyone else was in relation to the potentially lethal object.

And so as well as the breathtaking outdoor space in our New Home I did a little happy dance when I realised there would be enough space inside for me to have a whole room of my very own.

It already had some built in cupboards and drawers which were screaming out to be filled with the paraphernalia a crafter seems to gather as they journey through life and we moved in a few more bits of furniture.  Over the weekend I finally got round to unpacking my things and starting to arrange the space and it is love!

I keep going in there just to marvel at how much space and storage there is.  Just for me!  I have grand plans to add more fripperies and beautiful objects but for now it is functional and wonderful in its practicality.

I sat at my desk, with the door just pulled to, and filled pages of my notebook with ideas which have been bubbling around my head and flowed out with ease in my oasis of calm.

So here it is.  My craft room.


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