Dragonfly Socks


And then there were two!

If you are a regular visitor here then you will have seen these socks before.  More than once.  As part of Yarn Along. In fact they have featured in no fewer than four Yarn Along posts!

My Ravelry Project Page for these socks tells me I cast them on on the 17th September, a mere 12 and a bit weeks ago. Eeeeeeek! Before we moved house even!

They haven’t actually taken that long really (is the story I am telling myself).  I’ve made quite a few things in that time alongside the socks and I suffered quite badly from second sock syndrome for a while so I suppose its not that bad.

I always intended these socks to be a present for my Gran, who’s birthday it is today.  I finished them last night after the light had faded and couldn’t photograph them so technically they were ready in time.  By the skin of my teeth.  But I actually posted her a different gift and will send these down for Christmas instead.  I hope she likes them.

These were my first attempt at a lace patterned sock and the 6th pair of socks I have made this year.  And I’m really pleased with them.  The pattern is a nice simple repeat so perfect for my first attempt at fancy socks.  The yarn from the West Yorkshire Spinners sweet shop shades range of signature 4 ply is absolutely yummy.  It is my very favourite colour and has been a dream to work with.  Its called Blue Raspberry.

So yummy that at several points over the last 12 weeks I have considered keeping these socks for me! Fortuitously there is 35g left from the ball now that the socks are complete so I think I can probably squeak a hairband or something out of whats left for me to keep and treat myself. Once I’m all caught up on my other festive gifts of course!

I will leave you with some sumptuous sock shots…




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