Perfect Strangers

I love making things.  And I love gifting them.  When I heard about Perfect Strangers from a friend of mine on Facebook it sounded right up my street.  So I signed up.

You can find more information about them here but in a nutshell you sign up and get paired with a Perfect Stranger.  You then prepare a parcel for your stranger and hope that you get one back.  What’s not to love!

Looking at their website it would appear to be a mainly UK initiative with most participants in this swap from the UK but there are people involved from 54 different countries this festive season.

I have a partner from Scotland and this was what I prepared for her.  She told me in her introductory note that she was an avid reader and fan of Frankenstein’s monster so I made a book mark and teeny monster to go in with the gifts I purchased which included a book (obviously), a cute little notebook, some bath stuff and a stack of sweeties.


The book mark is a fabulous free pattern you can find at Superguruami.  I made mine with DK weight yarn as it is what I had around and he worked brilliantly.




The little Frankenstein’s monster was a pattern I made up as I went along adapting my teeny tiny owl.  I did scribble down some notes as I went so he may make a reappearance closer to halloween.  I’m quite pleased with how he turned out even if his scar is a little Harry Potteresque!


The other handmade thing in the box is a Star Wars snowflake. I have been making these for years to decorate our home using the fantastic free templates from Anthony Herrera



And then my box arrived in the post!  I told my swap partner that I was a big fan of the outdoors and changing seasons and making things and this is what I received.  The accompanying note told me that this was her third year doing the swap, I’m already looking forward to taking part next year!


All so carefully individually wrapped and labelled.  I think next time I will do more wrapping.  But what was inside I hear you cry…





What a gorgeous selection of thoughtful gifts.  I feel completely spoiled and so thankful.  The notebook and bracelet are especially wonderful.  They are perfectly to my taste and I love them so much. I only hope that my swap partner likes her box too.

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