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On my hook my interpretation of Attic24’s Moorland CAL.  On my kindle The Physics of the Dead by Luke Smitherd.

So many people in my crafty circle are very excited about Attic24’s Moorland Blanket CAL, it feels like everyone is talking about it.  But as I shared a couple of Yarn Alongs ago I haven’t actually completed my 2015 CAL blanket, the Sunny Log Cabin, yet!  So it felt entirely inappropriate to start another blanket.  And yet I found myself so drawn to the colour palette, Lucy has such a wonderful talent for choosing colours, and I also am quite partial to a bit of moorland being a Yorkshire girl.

I decided while I definitely couldn’t justify another blanket I could still use the colours and concept.  And there will be no prizes for having guessed that I am making a moorland wreath!  Its almost there.  I need about another 2 inches of these teeny tiny stripes and then I’ll have to move on to tackling all of those pesky ends and putting it on my wreath base.  If you want to see the finished article it might be worth checking back here in a day or two as it won’t be long.  I have already made the wreath dweller and if you follow me on instagram or Facebook you may have seen it but i’m not going to post it here just yet.

Physics of The Dead is another book my husband chose and is listening to on audio and suggested I read so we can talk about it.  I only started it this morning so I’m not too sure yet but I am intrigued by the central idea of the book.

I am going to complete the Book Riot 2017 Read Harder Challenge this year to widen my horizons, push me out of my comfort zone and hopefully read some brilliant books that I wouldn’t otherwise have chosen.  This is my third book of the year so far and I haven’t yet managed to shoehorn any of them into the categories of the challenge yet but this one caused me the most debate.  I had hoped it may fit into challenge number 21, read a book published by a micro press, as it is essentially self published but a fruitful half an hour on the Goodreads message boards suggests that although it technically is self published using CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, the fact that CreateSpace is owned by the mahoosive Amazon sort of negates the point of supporting small micro presses.  And so I will seek out something to better fit the bill.

Linking up with Ginny and the other Yarn Alongers sharing what they are reading and working on.


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