Balloon Bunny Wreath

My latest wreath is a first birthday gift for a very special someone.  As always the wreath started with lots and lots of stripes of single crochet, this time all in sky blue colours.  Having learnt my lesson from the number of ends generated by the uniformly narrow stripes on my Moorland Wreath I reverted back to random width stripes.  This did make the sewing together easier but this being my first 30cm wreath in while I had forgotten just quite how long the strip needed to be to go around alllllllllll that wreath base. I did need the bigger base though as I had big plans for what to dangle inside it!

This was who I had in mind!  A little floppy eared bunny hanging onto a bunch of brightly coloured balloons.  I am going to confess that I entirely made him up as I went along and so it is not possible to share a pattern.

Having made 5 of the balloons I do know how I did those so they may well crop up somewhere again but the bunny is likely to remain one of a kind.

As soon as I finished using waxed linen thread to sew the bunch of balloons to the bunny’s hand one Sunday morning I knew I wanted to try and get a photo of him drifting off into the blue sky.  Of course I was forgetting that I live in Yorkshire and it is February! But there was the odd break in the cloud and I think he looks pretty cool.  I love to see when people share behind the scenes shots of their photography so here’s mine.  You can just about spot the bun dangling between the swings.  You might also notice the step ladder has sunk into the grass because its February and a bit soggy.


I thought we might have been done at that point, with the bunny and the blue sky, but after looking at him hanging on the wall for a while I decided he needed clouds as well.  So I packed my crochet hook and a ball of white yarn as we set of to my lovely motherinlaw’s for our Sunday dinner and as everyone else tucked into their eve’s pudding and custard I started on a blobby white cloud.  By bedtime there were 4 of them stitched to the base and the wreath was ready for a final photograph this morning and to be gifted this afternoon. Talk about last minute!


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    1. I used my sheep’s head pattern modified as follows – once I had increased to 18 stitches I did 4 more rounds of 18 before decreasing down to 12, another decrease down to 6, one more round at 6 stitches and then 2sc in each of those to increase back up to 12 and finish with a slip stitch in the first stitch of the round.


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