Weekly Photo – Van

One of the things I would like to work on in 2017 is my photography. I am joining in with Nana Cathy and Wild Daffodil’s weekly photo challenge.

This week’s one word prompt is Van.


This feels like a massive cheat to me!. Despite having been on the lookout for vans on all of my travels in the past fortnight I haven’t seen any interesting specimens.  Not only am I using a photograph from last year, I am using a photograph I have already blogged!

Although to be fair this van is pretty spectacular!  It was parked outside the auction mart that  Yarndale is held in and as you can see from the sign was selling delicious knitted goodness.

As an unfortunate side effect of recycling material here I also browsed past my Yarndale stash shot and realised that I haven’t used any of the yarn I bought there and it all remains within my stash, I must take immediate steps to rectify this awful transgression!

I will hopefully be back with an original photo next week.

Yarn Along


On my kindle Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie.  On my needles my first sock of the year.

I am knitting my first sock of the year, the delightful Rhian from The Sock Drawer book by Verity Castledine (available to buy here).  I am crazy in love with this pattern, a nice simple repeat giving deceptively complex results.  I suspect this may not be my last pair.  I am using West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4ply yarn in butterscotch and am aiming to gift the finished socks to my lovely motherinlaw who mercifully only has small feet thereby speeding up the process!

My reading feels like a bit of a confession to admit that I have reached my mid thirties without having read any Agatha Christie.  To further pile on the unbelievable truths, much to my husband’s incredulity I also have managed to live my life thus far without knowing whodunnit!  So no spoilers please!  I am looking forward to the mystery finally unravelling as I read.

Linking up with Ginny and the other Yarn Alongers sharing what they are reading and working on.

Weekly Photo – Historical

One of the things I would like to work on in 2017 is my photography. I am joining in with Nana Cathy and Wild Daffodil’s weekly photo challenge.

This week’s one word prompt is Historical.



This is the East Window in Selby Abbey dating from around 1330 so definitely fulfilling the historic brief.  I went to the Abbey over the weekend hoping to find something that fit with this week’s brief that tickled my fancy and was spoiled for choice.

I used to visit the Abbey regularly when my eldest was a toddling tot and we spent many a happy hour soaking in the serene calm that seems to come as standard in churches.  It was always the windows that we found the most alluring though.  I love the beauty of stained glass and the windows in the Abbey are laden with detail so there is always something new to spot.  This window is the biggest and most impressive in this wonderful building.



In this week’s Yarn Along I mentioned that I was arguing with my double pointed needles (dpns), unfortunately the arguments never really stopped but I did reach a point where I had a finished object!

I could be deeply melodramatic here while describing this project but instead I shall merely say that I did not much enjoy it.  And that my hatred for dpns knows no bounds.

Enough of the moaning though, on with the back story!  Unravel is a video game starring a little character called Yarny who is made from a single thread of yarn which unravels as he goes on his adventures, you can find out more about the game here.

My children love to play video games and one of them asked me if I would knit a Yarny.  I found this pattern by Alexis Layton and set to knitting.  Its a lovely clear pattern, assuming that you are not inept at using dpns, which I happen to be!

There is a big ladder down Yarny’s front where I didn’t tighten the yarn properly between needles and tensioning issues all over the place.  But he was made with love (and a not inconsiderable amount of swearing) and so I’m sure he will be much loved.  However the next time I try to make a small character I’ll be right back to the safety of my comfort zone and crochet!

I did at least have fun photographing him!




Yarn Along


On my kindle Maurice by E. M. Forster.  On my needles a big old tangly mess!

In sharp contrast to my Yarn Along image last week with beautiful, colourful flowers cascading around the screen this week there is not a lot to see but I am very proud of what there is.  This muddle will shortly be Yarny from the video game Unravel, a favourite with my children.  I am using this pattern by Alexis Layton.  Double pointed needles are my nemesis. I make my socks using teeny tiny circular needles and have slightly larger circulars for hats and of course when it comes to little figures I usually turn to crochet!

But a Yarny was requested and a Ravelry search turned up the pattern and it seemed more sensible to follow it than make my own!  The pride in the progress stems from the fact that my first attempt ended in an awful mess from my attempts to wrestle these blasted needles with their points in all directions.  Although I did throw the whole lot to the floor amongst a tirade of swearing I did then pick it back up and rather than abandon the endeavour and pick up my trusty hook I frogged it back and calmly knit a few more rows straight before reattempting to join in the round, this time with a lot more success!  At risk of jeopardising the enterprise with misplaced confidence I think I am now on the right track, I’ll be sure blog if I do pull it off!

Reading wise I do seem to have exhausted all of the categories I want to read on the Read Harder Challenge and am now choosing books that I would not usually reach for.  I am reading Maurice for challenge number 20 – read a LGBTQ+ romance novel.  While I enjoy a love story I tend to find that books shelved as romance are usually sickeningly saccharine and this was the obstacle I kept hitting while trying to choose for this challenge.  It would appear that heading 100 years into the past has helped with the sappiness and I am enjoying this book written in 1913.

Linking up with Ginny and the other Yarn Alongers sharing what they are reading and working on.

Weekly Photo – Floor

One of the things I would like to work on in 2017 is my photography. I am joining in for my seventh week with Nana Cathy and Wild Daffodil‘s weekly photo challenge.

This week’s one word prompt is Floor.


I spent quite a bit of time this week trying out shots of various internal floors but struggled to take anything I was happy with so my thoughts turned to outside.  This time of year when there is new life emerging from every direction my eyes are often trained on the floor when I wander.

This little beech shoot fighting its way up through the thick leaf mulch carpet on the woodland floor makes me smile. The ground here is so springy and squelchy with deep piles of slowly decomposing leaves and yet it has made it all the way up into the spring sunshine. I wonder if it will prosper and become a tree.