In this week’s Yarn Along I mentioned that I was arguing with my double pointed needles (dpns), unfortunately the arguments never really stopped but I did reach a point where I had a finished object!

I could be deeply melodramatic here while describing this project but instead I shall merely say that I did not much enjoy it.  And that my hatred for dpns knows no bounds.

Enough of the moaning though, on with the back story!  Unravel is a video game starring a little character called Yarny who is made from a single thread of yarn which unravels as he goes on his adventures, you can find out more about the game here.

My children love to play video games and one of them asked me if I would knit a Yarny.  I found this pattern by Alexis Layton and set to knitting.  Its a lovely clear pattern, assuming that you are not inept at using dpns, which I happen to be!

There is a big ladder down Yarny’s front where I didn’t tighten the yarn properly between needles and tensioning issues all over the place.  But he was made with love (and a not inconsiderable amount of swearing) and so I’m sure he will be much loved.  However the next time I try to make a small character I’ll be right back to the safety of my comfort zone and crochet!

I did at least have fun photographing him!




5 thoughts on “Yarny

  1. So devilishly cute! I would love to see pics of Yarny posing in all sorts of public locations – Yarny at the supermarket peering out from between boxes of cereal, Yarny at the park planning a prank to pull on a few meandering ducks, Yarny at a fast food restaurant napping on some ketchup packets etc etc. What fun! I thought that the loose stitches down the front looked intentional, the fluff peeking through matches his eyes. 😀

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