Crafting On?


As I mentioned last week I am trying to find a new rhythm to my posts since the Yarn Along ended last month.  I want to share what I am working on as I don’t want the inevitable reduction in the frequency of posts associated with only sharing finished objects.

Nicole at Frontier Dreams is running a weekly link up for people to share their ongoing craft work and this might work for me to fill the big gap left by Yarn Along.  Let’s try it this week!

The other nice thing about weekly check ins is how they work when you are on a big project.

Last summer I was sat picnicking with a good friend when she asked me if I would make her a blanket for her bed.  Of course I said yes and promised it for her birthday the following July, giving me over a year to work on it.  But I did not make the most of this long deadline!  Instead I started in late January, benched for all of February and March, and only picked it up again last week.

I will meet the deadline though.  And so that means ignoring the tempting call of all of the wonderful patterns in my Ravelry library, and the yarn on the shelves and focussing in.  I am using the Spice of Life Pattern by Sandra Paul of Cherry Heart at double width to  cover a king sized bed (just another 5ft or so to go!) and a selection of colours of Stylecraft Special DK in a random order.

I am quite looking forward to posting weekly updates and watching it grow so in one format or another I’ll be back next week!

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