Mini Autumn Wreath 2

I haven’t made many wreaths this year, I haven’t really been feeling the urge but I had some amazing autumnal toned aran weight yarn, dyed by a friend in my stash that wasn’t shouting out to me to be anything else.  So I made it into a wreath, two wreaths to be exact!


If you have seen my Autumn Wreath and Mini Autumn Wreath then this will likely look familiar to you.

As with all my wreaths I made a long strip of single crochet stitches and then sewed this strip on a polystyrene wreath base.  The bases I use for my mini wreaths are just 12cm across. Whenever I make a cover using a variegated yarn I marvel at how much easier they are to sew on than one made from stripes!

The base was then decorated with little autumn leaves made using this pattern from the wonderful Lucy at Attic24 and a teeny tiny toadstool from the small toadstool pattern by Annaboo’s House.

The little wreath dweller fella was a pattern I made up as I went along! General consensus among my family and the recipients was that it is a gnome but I was just aiming for a magical woodland folk of indeterminate origin.


So there we go, two little autumn wreaths!

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