Reyna Shawl

When I look at my handmade shawls draped across the back of my chair it is clear to see that my favourite colours are rainbow and shades of blue.  All four of the shawls and scarves I have made are in the blue zone of the spectrum.

When I was making my plans for Yarndale this year I set myself a couple of shopping guidelines. No rainbows and something that wasn’t blue!  I also wanted to buy more semi solid yarn than variegated skeins as my Ravelry favourites have lots of shawls with contrast details and I keep buying just single skeins that appeal. Do you want to see how I did?


Oooh look at all the lovely squishness! And pattern books. Such lovely things in waiting!  Just avert your gaze from the rainbow in the bottom right corner, apart from that I think I did quite well on my rules! 

This post is about one skein in particular dyed by the fabulous Mothy and the Squid. This is a super wash, merino, sock weight yarn in gloriously earthly, leafy tones called Autumn is Coming. 

I felt that I must get this knitted up while it was still autumn and the colours were echoing my surroundings and so it jumped my queue and I cast on soon after Yarndale. 

I decide to make a Reyna shawl by Noora Laivola. It’s a single skein shawl pattern with alternating areas of garter stitch and a simple eyelet mesh and I found the pattern clear and easy to knit. 

I love these colours so much! The finished shawl has a lovely drape thanks to the open texture and has come out a perfect size for warming my next on these chillier days.

Want to see all of it instead of these sneaky bits?!