Sunny Log Cabin Blanket

In November 2015 I was riding high on the success of having made my first crochet blanket, the Attic24 Cottage Ripple Blanket.  I was new to crochet but I had finally mastered it and I had a wonderful blanket to show for it.  Then the lovely Lucy announced her next blanket, a crochet-a-long, with steps of the pattern released throughout November and December, I saw the photos and it was love!  It was her Sunny Log Cabin Blanket and the bright rainbow of colours was right upon my street.

img_1086.jpg(this is actually the balls of yarn after I had made all the squares but before the border)

As with all of Lucy’s blankets Wool Warehouse sell packs with all of the yarn you will need, I put on on my Christmas list and my lovely motherinlaw bought one for me.

I was so excited.  I sat, surrounded by toys and tinsel and on Boxing Day 2015 I started making my first blanket square while watching The Snowman on TV.  I made a few of the sunny motif centre pieces over the next few days and then I started building the log cabin of colours around it…


… and very quickly became fed up.  Oh so much counting.  And colour changing every two minutes.  And all of the ends that produces. Bleugh.

In April 2016, with a mere two of the sixteen squares made, it went into the naughty corner while I worked on things I found more fun!

2016 came and went.  As often happens, with the New Year came new intentions and out it came once more.  I managed another two blocks in January 2017 and remembered why I found it frustrating in the first place.  Back to the sin bin it went.  In one year I had completed one quarter of the blanket.

But it nagged at the back of my mind, this unfinished blanket.  Looking at the photos of other people’s finished blankets I was still head over heels in love with the finished object and in September of this year I vowed that I would not let another year finish without this blanket gracing the back of my sofa.  I decided that I would not pick up any other crochet projects until it was done.

Obviously I had left myself too much wriggle room there and while I did plod with the blanket I also knit a pair of socks for my husband and my Reyna Shawl and so once the shawl was off the needles I also banned knitting 😉

It is astounding the speed of progress from that point onwards!  I worked on it every time I sat down at home, sewing the squares together as soon as they were off the hook to save me a big job at the end.  I love this photo I took last week which features my ripple blanket and first pair of hand knit socks as well as the progress on my log cabin.


Also in this photo is an amazing cushion made by the talented Heather at The Patchwork Heart.  I am very proud of myself for buying this cushion!  Every time I saw Heather post one of these wraparound granny cushions on her Facebook or Instagram I thought to myself “I really should make one of those, they are lovely”.  But I have a long list of to-makes already, including of course this blanket, and so I bought one she made instead!

By the end of October I had completed twelve squares, the blanket was almost there.  The end was in sight and I started daydreaming about new projects.  With a big final push the last four squares were made in just six days!  Quite some contrast to the 20 months the first twelve took!

As mentioned below the first photo at the top of this post I still had a lot of yarn left over and so I decided to go with a thick, rainbow border of trebles rather than the more low key border in the pattern. 7 rounds of lovely rainbow trebles.


I am so so so pleased to say that now it is all done I still have that same rush of love for these wonderful sunny colours and Lucy’s clever pattern every time I look at it.  Would you like to see the whole thing?


Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  It’s just gorgeous!  I can totally forgive it for the journey and I actually really enjoyed the final sprint!

I am pleased to move on to new projects though, hopefully none of them will take almost two years to complete! So pleased, that I cast on a hat just minutes after sewing in the final end on the border last night 🙂