Sophie’s Stool

I bought the Sophie’s Stool Kit on a total whim.  I had no burning desire to own a new stool, in fact I’d not even come across the idea of making a cover for a pre constructed stool until the lovely, but seriously enabling, Mrs Snufflebean started posting photographs of the kit on her social media pages!  But once I had seen it I knew I needed it!  The kit includes a wooden stool with a padded top, 9 skeins of Scheepjes Catona cotton yarn, a label and some buttons along with a pattern for the stool cover which does send you to the Sophie’s Universe pattern for the mandala.

I have long admired the Sophie’s Universe Pattern by Dedri Uys which was a crochet-along to make a blanket in 2015. Last year I went as far as to buy the book containing the full pattern but I haven’t made the blanket yet, I intend to this year and would highly recommend the book.  Although the pattern is available for free online the book is a thing of beauty with lots of very clear, step by step photographs which I used to make my stool cover and is, in my opinion, well worth a purchase.


So you may have seen the mandala that makes up the top of the stool before as I finished making it with a couple of days of 2017 to spare and included it in my Year in Yarn post.

I haven’t shared the side view though.


In her pattern Dedri points out that her crochet tension is tight and that it is important to swatch, measure and change hook size accordingly.  As I love to live dangerously (!) and very rarely do any of these things my cover is too big and overhangs the sides!  That deep section in pale blue is supposed to be on the top not halfway down the edge.  But I don’t think it detracts from the beauty at all.

The sides are then made up of lovely stripes of linen/moss stitch which I think I might love almost as much as the top. These colours together and this pattern are right up my street, I love everything about it.




The eagle eyed among you may have noticed a difference between the two full length pictures of the stool above.  The first one shows the stool legs to be barefooted whereas in this one they have socks on!

I remain undecided about the socks.  My children love this stool and on our wooden floors the socks cause it to slip about more than it does without.  They are also a level of frippery to which I do not usually reach, I tend to like my lines a bit more straightforward and plain.

But they are just so pretty!  Especially with the gorgeous buttons from the kit sewn on.


I just don’t know what to do about the socks!  As I type this the stool is still wearing two socks and there is a third almost finished in my WiP bag.  I have moved on to other projects, some knitting which has really captured my interest and another crochet project, I can feel these socks slipping away.  I am so tempted to take off the already completed socks, move the stool from my works-in-progress to a completed project, both on Ravelry and also in my mind but then where would the harm be in finishing the socks eventually…?  Decisions, decisions!

6 thoughts on “Sophie’s Stool

  1. It’s beautiful, and I didn’t even realise that it was big until you pointed out where the blue should be! I would either leave the socks off or convert them into leg warmers to stop the stool sliding around, but then I have been dealing with the Health and Safety team at work a lot recently :p

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  2. Wits beautiful. But yes, ditch the socks! If you have wooden floors, they make the stool dangerous to use, especially with little ones.
    The socks are pretty…..ridiculous in my opinion, and if I was in your shoes, I wouldn’t use them.

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