Temperature Blanket 2018 – February Update

This year I am making a temperature blanket!  I have chosen to make my blanket using the midday temperature, as defined by the Met Office app on my phone, at my home location.  I have an alarm set for 12.01pm each day and at this point I check the app and either record the temperature in my bullet journal or screenshot it to record when it is more convenient.  Then I crochet one row per day using the temperature and the following scale.


You can find more information about the stitches, yarn and overall process in the post Temperature Blanket 2018 – January Update.


Here’s February!  Much like January it is very blue. February is my least favourite month of the year.  It feels like it has been Winter forever and yet Spring still seems a long way off.  I do not enjoy February.  The temperatures and blanket at the beginning of the month accurately reflect my mood, with wide stripes of colour and little change to add interest, it is just blah.

Towards the end of the month things started to get a bit more exciting!  We started to get temperature changes from day to day, the colours got mixed up a bit and then The Beast arrived!

Here in Yorkshire we are familiar with cold, wet winters but actual snow (as opposed to sleet) and prolonged freezing temperatures are far less common away from the hills. The Beast from The East is the name the media gave to the Siberian air which chilled the East of the UK for the last few days of February (and into March but that’s a story for next month!) giving us subzero temperatures throughout the days and wind chills leading to ‘feels like’ temperatures of -10 celsius in the middle of the day.  Brrrrrrrr, much colder than we are used to.


And proper snow!  Snowman building, winter wonderland snow, enough to make my family very giddy!

But I chose to make my blanket with the midday temperatures.  Not the daily low nor taking wind chill into account so the lowest temperature recorded in my blanket in February was -2 and my dark purple colour.  I am fervently hoping that Spring is on it’s way as we move into March and that the temperatures will rise from here meaning I won’t get to use the colours I selected for extreme cold until next Winter and the very end of the year, if at all.

Would you like to see how the blanket looks with the year to the end of February?


So blue!  Fingers crossed that March brings us some green!

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