Temperature Blanket 2018 – April Update

This year I am making a temperature blanket!  I have chosen to make my blanket using the midday temperature, as defined by the Met Office app on my phone, at my home location.  I have an alarm set for 12.01pm each day and at this point I check the app and either record the temperature in my bullet journal or screenshot it to record when it is more convenient.  Then I crochet one row per day using the temperature and the following scale.


You can find more information about the stitches, yarn and overall process in the post Temperature Blanket 2018 – January Update.


Here’s April!  What a thrill to have new colours and to move away from alllllllllllll the blue which has made up the previous 3 months.  The month started much as the one before  had ended, with mainly blue and the occasional row of teal but then something very exciting happened.  Over an eight day period I moved through six different colours, in order, culminating in a row of yellow which I hadn’t expected to see until a bit further into the summer.


That’s 3 new to the blanket colours in a mere 3 days.  This jump in temperature wasn’t sustained and the single row of yellow really stands out within the month. The Met Office have said that in London (around 200 miles South of where I live in Yorkshire) the yellow day, April 19th, was the hottest April day since 1949 and although is wasn’t quite as hot here it was still unseasonably warm.

Some of my friends on social media were surprised to see that this warm day was ‘only’ yellow and here we really noticed the difference a couple of hours can make to the temperature.  At midday the temperature was 20 degrees celsius, a full 8 degrees cooler than the recorded top temperature of 28 degrees, reached at 5pm.  I’m expecting (hoping?!) that as we move further through the year we will be seeing the higher temperatures earlier in the day and we will hit those even warmer tones on the blanket.


So here’s how the whole thing is looking at the moment.  I’m still on track for a blanket 150cm square before the border.  And I’m still mightily bored of blue.  This being Northern England we obviously followed much warmer than average temperatures with below average ones and plunged from the green back into the blue.

The friendly chap at the Met Office tells us that the Jet Stream, the wind that moves across the Atlantic causing the British weather to be oh so very changeable and therefore interesting, is moving itself into position so that it brings seasonally typical weather for a little while and so I have everything crossed that we will make the change and see the dominant colours for May being greener than they are blue.  Hopefully!

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