Temperature Blanket 2018 – May Update

This year I am making a temperature blanket!  I have chosen to make my blanket using the midday temperature, as defined by the Met Office app on my phone, at my home location.  I have an alarm set for 12.01pm each day and at this point I check the app and either record the temperature in my bullet journal or screenshot it to record when it is more convenient.  Then I crochet one row per day using the temperature and the following scale.


You can find more information about the stitches, yarn and overall process in the post Temperature Blanket 2018 – January Update.

I’m a bit late with this update, things have been crazy busy at home but look how lovely May is, it was totally worth waiting for!


Just one day of blue, back on the 2nd day of the month, the rest all in those wonderful, much longed for, greens and yellows.  I am so happy to have these different shades to play with.

As happened in April we are still seeing the daily high temperature being reached in the late afternoon, long after I have recorded the midday temperature for the blanket and we have had a few days hitting those oranges and reds later on.

Do you want to see it all together?


I love the way it is coming together and the way the colours are changing.  I am still just as excited for the blanket now, 5 and a bit months in, as I was back in the last few days of last year when I decided I simply must make this project.


Handily, the blanket is now big enough to sit under while working on, I could have done with that back when it was sub zero, not now when it is nice and warm! Never mind! It is still small enough to not to have to be covered by it and it does give me a good idea of what the finished size will be as we approach the halfway point of the year.  I wonder if I will get to use a new colour in this first half?  I’ll let you know in the next update!

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