Temperature Blanket 2018 – June Update

This year I am making a temperature blanket!  I have chosen to make my blanket using the midday temperature, as defined by the Met Office app on my phone, at my home location.  I have an alarm set for 12.01pm each day and at this point I check the app and either record the temperature in my bullet journal or screenshot it to record when it is more convenient.  Then I crochet one row per day using the temperature and the following scale.


You can find more information about the stitches, yarn and overall process in the post Temperature Blanket 2018 – January Update.

Here’s June!


Mainly green and rounding off with a change to lots of lovely sunshiney yellows as the UK entered a heatwave with temperatures well above what is average for this time of year. For the third month in a row I have to mention that we were hitting the higher temperatures and warmer colours towards the top of my scale but not at midday.  The midday temperature remained resolutely below 25 degrees denying me the use of a new colour. It is getting quite frustrating!


Halfway through the year here is a photo of half a blanket!  I’m really pleased with the size at the halfway point, it is going to be perfect for sofa snuggles once it is finished. To the end of June the blanket contains 9 different colours of yarn representing temperatures between -2 and 24 degrees celsius.


And all stretched out so you can really see the story the colours are telling.

Watch this space to find out how the blanket grows and the story develops as the year progresses.

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