Ice Leaves Shawl

It has been very cold here over the last few weeks.  Frozen puddle, thick frost, crunchy mud, sprinklings of snow and cold noses temperatures.  I have been quite enjoying it, but when the weather is like this it makes me want chunky knitwear to hide inside!


I have been eying up Countess Ablaze’s super chunky yarn since I made my Decemberist shawl this time last year and so knew exactly where to head for this project.


Look at the size of those skeins! Each of these 200g beauties contains 130 metres of super soft, squishy, merino wool in a colour way named Zombified Soon!

All I really knew when I bought it was that I wanted a chunky and very long scarf that I could wrap around and around my neck to keep the cold at bay.

Off to Ravelry I went and after a quick search of the projects other Ravelers had made with this yarn I came across the Ice Leaves Shawl Pattern by Nancy Wilson.  As soon as I saw it I loved the leaf motif and thought it would work brilliantly with this beautiful green.

The pattern specifies knitting on 15mm needles and using around 80 metres of yarn to make a short shawl to be fastened with a pin.  I don’t have any 15mm needles and wanted my leaves to be a bit tighter anyway so I cast on using 12mm and was very pleased as my leaves began to emerge.


Then I just kept on knitting! Given the size of the needles and yarn my scarf grew very quickly.  Beyond the 4 repeats in the pattern and on and on.  I had initially planned to use all of the yarn but by the time I reached 17 pattern repeats the scarf was long enough for the multiple neck wraps I wanted and I decided to stop with a reasonable amount of yarn (about three quarters of a skein) leftover, enough for a new project!


I love these chunky leaves.


I am very happy with my finished scarf.  I would definitely recommend this free pattern to anyone, its well written, easy to knit and produces a very satisfying finished object.  Now to work out what to make from my left over yarn..!

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