Stylecraft Sophie

My 2018 crafting was dominated by my Temperature Blanket but I thought I might also be able to sneak in another blanket in between all the knitting I was also trying to squeeze in!

Most online searches for crochet blankets tend to feature Sophie’s Universe, a crochet-a-long from 2015 and one of the prettiest blankets I’ve ever seen and so that was what I decided upon.  I started in February of last year and have recently finished my version around a year later.


The fabulous Dedri Uys has the full blanket pattern (all 112 rounds of it) available free on her website complete with video tutorials, lots of photographs and translations into many languages but I work best from a printed pattern and so I decided to buy the book from Wool Warehouse which has everything printed in colour and bound together in one place.

Dedri made her blanket using Scheepjes yarn and there are colour packs available to buy  from several online retailers containing all of the yarn that will be needed and the colour list.  I decided to stick with what I know, the yarn I have used to make all of my big blankets and to make my blanket from Stylecraft Special DK.

I would love to claim credit for choosing this gorgeous colour combination but as I worked through my blanket I looked at the colour used in the pattern and picked a shade of Stylecraft that was either similar or I thought would work well for the upcoming round!

I did, however, make a note of those colours as I was working and have collected them together here which should open as a printable pdf – Sophie colour sheet

I found this pattern to be so clearly written it was easy to follow even as the blanket grew to be enormous and through all of the new to me, unfamiliar, stitches, I would recommend it without hesitation to crocheters of any skill level. And just look how pretty it is!


5 thoughts on “Stylecraft Sophie

  1. WordPress ate my comment 😦 I just wanted to say that your Sophie is gorgeous. The colours are very close to the ones I used for my Cotton 8 Sophie and my Colour Crafter Rainbow Sophie. I am very pleased that you found the instructions easy(ish) to follow.


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