The Knitting Goddess Sock Club (2018)

As I have mentioned previously, last year I signed up to a sock club with one of my favourite yarn dyers, The Knitting Goddess.  Joy is based in Yorkshire, not far from me, and I just love what she does with local wool.  By signing up to the sock club I received a skein of yarn in the colour theme of rocks and a sock pattern written by Clare Devine at Knit Share Love every other month.  My intention was to knit one sock per month and have six pairs of gorgeous socks at the end of the year.

But then last year happened!  2018 was a bit of a year for me personally and while I did do some knitting, things were all over the place and I also sorely neglected this blog.  I did manage to knit four of the six pairs last year but only blogged one of them.

I am ecstatic to share that I have now finished (and photographed!) all twelve of the socks and have finally completed my Sock Club knitting.


Here they all are!  I love all of the colours very much and really enjoy the way the work together as a cohesive collection.  This is exactly what I hoped too achieve when signing up for a sock club.  All of the yarn is the same base, British Blue Faced Leicester with nylon added for strength and they are all so soft and squishy.  You can’t see them very well stacked up like this so I’ll share each pair on its own too.


First up, way back in January, was Bend & Fold.  As you can see the socks don’t match.  This is a key feature of these patterns, they are all similar but not the same and named by Clare Devine as The Correlative Sock Collection.  I did write a post about these ones last year with more photos and you can find it here.


In March there was a pretty lace pattern, that’s a horror to photograph, called Leaf & Bloom.  I love these socks and have worn them a lot but I am sorely tempted to use this pattern again on a paler, more pastel coloured yarn.


May’s socks were so much fun to knit.  No cables or lace just a clever combination of knit and purl stitches to create this really tactile textured pattern.  These ones are called Dots & Lines.  They were also instrumental in helping me to be able to knit from a chart as the written instructions are so lengthy it really benefitted me to learn how to read charted patterns.


It was back to the lace in July with this summery little ankle sock in a vibrant pinky purple.  The pattern is Ebb & Flow with waving patterns reminiscent of the sea.  This was the last pair I actually managed to complete last year and was the first toe-up pair of socks I ever made.


The club pattern for September was Twist & Turn with it’s thick cables.  I only finished these very recently and they have a blog post of their own here.


The final pair, from November and knitted by me this summer is Short & Sweet with its eyelet pattern.  My pair of these socks have more than a couple of ‘unique design features’ where I went off pattern and made a mistake but you can’t see them when I arrange the socks just so!


Twelve patterns, six pairs of socks, knit over a period of eighteen months.  I am thrilled by what this pile of yarny loveliness represents.  I learned new skills, improved at those I already had and have so much functional beauty to show for the journey.  I am so pleased that I decided to use a sock club to push me in this manner and the one I chose was just perfect.

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