Award Winning Mandala!

When I saw a post on facebook advertising the handicraft competitions in my local village show I knew I had to enter.  The decision over what to enter was a bit harder to make.  The rules included the item having been made since January 2018 which ruled out all of my lovely wreaths.  All competition entries were to be displayed in the community centre over the bank holiday weekend and that made me nervous about entering something irreplaceable like my blankets containing countless hours of work or a shawl or socks made from limited edition yarn.

I decided to create something just for the show that I would not be heartbroken if I lost.  I decided on a crochet mandala on a hula hoop as they are quick to make with a small quantity of cheap yarn but are bold and eye-catching hopefully giving me a good chance at a prize.

I previously made a Starflower Mandala using a Zooty Owl pattern and I made this one in the exact same way.  All the pattern details are in my previous post.

I’m still crushing on my Stylecraft Sophie Blanket (and also had the yarn all in one place in bag that was easy to get to!) so I decided to use that to make this mandala.

Isn’t it gorgeous?!


I know the title of the post has kind of ruined the suspense for you, but I was very trepidatious walking into the hall on Saturday morning, braced to see how I had done.


I was absolutely thrilled to see the rosette and learn I had won second place.  Yay!  Now to start planning how to win next year!

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