Nerf Shooting Range

So far I haven’t really posted much here about my family.  But I’m proud of this one so it seems worthy of sharing.  I have 3 young children and also share my home with an apparently breeding family of nerf darts.  Seriously those things get EVERYWHERE.  I am also a conflict avoidant sort of person and so I don’t much enjoy watching (and dodging!) nerf battles.

As we now live in a ridiculous sized house the solution was obvious. Set up a nerf shooting range and hope that it somehow becomes a containment zone!


This is what it looks like!  A firing line of masking tape on the carpet to stand behind and both hanging and standing targets to aim at.  Want a closer look?


The standing targets are just ping pong balls on toilet rolls and kitchen rolls.  I saw this idea on pinterest but perhaps American toilet rolls are narrower, or they weren’t ping pong balls but my balls just fell down inside the tubes!  My solution was to put a bun case on the top.  These are just crying out to be coloured and decorated and generally prettied but I was working to a tight, childfree deadline and so had no time for fancification.


Some of the hanging targets are paper plates with the middle section cut out, fashioned into a seasonal shape and then hung with ribbon so it dangles in the middle space.  I think these ones will be quite a challenge to hit. You can also see my uber high tech fastening method, masking tape on the ceiling!  This room is on the top floor of the house and has very low ceilings enabling me to fix these on easily without having to fetch something to stand on.


The other dangling targets are just balloons with sharpie doodles. Simple but effective.

So there we go. The perfect use for a neglected room in an outrageous house.  Nerf shooting range. I’ll let you if it has any effect at all on the number of darts elsewhere in the house…