Yarn Along?

“Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading and I love sharing my projects and current reads here.”

These are the words the lovely Ginny at Small Things used to open her blog post each Wednesday for over 6 years before inviting people to also share their current makes and reads, an invitation I readily accepted when I first started blogging and was keen to find other people with similar interests to me.  I have loved joining in with the Yarn Along and was sad to hear that Ginny had decided to stop hosting.

So what now?  I’m not sure!  Where Ginny is hoping to find more spontaneity in her blogging I love having the structure of knowing that certain days are for certain subjects and worry that without them the frequency of posts may dwindle and content be limited only to finished objects.  So maybe I’ll move to Work in Progress Wednesdays, or perhaps a weekly roundup on a Friday?  I will be continuing with the Weekly Photo Challenge on a Tuesday so am drawn to something later in the week.  Or I might just continue Yarning Along but without the link up.  I definitely intend to continue Yarn Along on my Instagram so it perhaps doesn’t warrant duplication.  Decisions decisions!

But for now, while I consider next steps, here is this week’s Yarn Along.


On my kindle The Power by Naomi Alderman.  On my needles almost a full pair of Rhian socks.

I am absolutely gripped by this book.  I only started it yesterday bedtime but am struggling to put it down, only stopping last night when the kindle hit my nose when I just couldn’t hold it up any longer and sneaking every minute I can squeeze out of today.

The sock pattern is Rhian from The Sock Drawer book by Verity Castledine (available to buy here) made with West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4ply yarn in butterscotch and I love them so much.  Not much more work to do here until I have the pair finished and ready to gift.  Before I started this book I thought I may get them finished today but that is now looking unlikely! I am hopeful they’ll be done by the end of the week though.

Yarn Along


On my kindle Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie.  On my needles my first sock of the year.

I am knitting my first sock of the year, the delightful Rhian from The Sock Drawer book by Verity Castledine (available to buy here).  I am crazy in love with this pattern, a nice simple repeat giving deceptively complex results.  I suspect this may not be my last pair.  I am using West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4ply yarn in butterscotch and am aiming to gift the finished socks to my lovely motherinlaw who mercifully only has small feet thereby speeding up the process!

My reading feels like a bit of a confession to admit that I have reached my mid thirties without having read any Agatha Christie.  To further pile on the unbelievable truths, much to my husband’s incredulity I also have managed to live my life thus far without knowing whodunnit!  So no spoilers please!  I am looking forward to the mystery finally unravelling as I read.

Linking up with Ginny and the other Yarn Alongers sharing what they are reading and working on.

Yarn Along


On my kindle Maurice by E. M. Forster.  On my needles a big old tangly mess!

In sharp contrast to my Yarn Along image last week with beautiful, colourful flowers cascading around the screen this week there is not a lot to see but I am very proud of what there is.  This muddle will shortly be Yarny from the video game Unravel, a favourite with my children.  I am using this pattern by Alexis Layton.  Double pointed needles are my nemesis. I make my socks using teeny tiny circular needles and have slightly larger circulars for hats and of course when it comes to little figures I usually turn to crochet!

But a Yarny was requested and a Ravelry search turned up the pattern and it seemed more sensible to follow it than make my own!  The pride in the progress stems from the fact that my first attempt ended in an awful mess from my attempts to wrestle these blasted needles with their points in all directions.  Although I did throw the whole lot to the floor amongst a tirade of swearing I did then pick it back up and rather than abandon the endeavour and pick up my trusty hook I frogged it back and calmly knit a few more rows straight before reattempting to join in the round, this time with a lot more success!  At risk of jeopardising the enterprise with misplaced confidence I think I am now on the right track, I’ll be sure blog if I do pull it off!

Reading wise I do seem to have exhausted all of the categories I want to read on the Read Harder Challenge and am now choosing books that I would not usually reach for.  I am reading Maurice for challenge number 20 – read a LGBTQ+ romance novel.  While I enjoy a love story I tend to find that books shelved as romance are usually sickeningly saccharine and this was the obstacle I kept hitting while trying to choose for this challenge.  It would appear that heading 100 years into the past has helped with the sappiness and I am enjoying this book written in 1913.

Linking up with Ginny and the other Yarn Alongers sharing what they are reading and working on.

Yarn Along


On my kindle The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach.  On my hook lots and lots of roses.

The Art of Fielding is a book I have been putting off but it felt like the best i could do for Read Harder challenge number 1, read a book about sports.  I am not a sports fan.  I do not play sport nor do I enjoy watching, reading about or discussing sport.  Sport is not my thing.  Every search I did looking for a novel about sport while secretly hoping to find a novel about sport that didn’t feature much sport led me back to The Art of Fielding and so here I find myself.

I’m just coming up on the halfway point of the book and am feeling pretty enthusiastic about the second half, there are some strong characters and some stories developing that I want to follow through.  There is also a lot of baseball but it was a long shot to hope to find a book about sports which didn’t contain any!

I am making lots and lots of roses using the fabulous Attic24’s pattern and, as usual, many shades of Stylecraft special DK yarn.  These, and the ones that follow them in the coming days, are destined to sit on flowerpots like  these ones I made last year which I’m going to try and sell as Mother’s Day gifts

Linking up with Ginny and the other Yarn Alongers sharing what they are reading and working on.

Yarn Along

On my kindle The Sun is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon. Off my hook and onto my sewing needle a new wreath cover.

I only started this book this morning and am heading in trepidatiously.  I did not enjoy Everything Everything at all, mainly due to seeing the “massive twist” coming from the first chapter.  But I did like Nicola Yoon’s writing style, The Sun is Also a Star is highly rated on Goodreads and I like the sound of the story as well as fitting into the Read Harder challenge so I am giving it a try.

This wreath cover is destined to be a first birthday present for a very special someone and I am excited to start work on the embellishments.  This is the first time I have worked on a 30cm base in a while and I forgot just quite how much longer the strip of stripy single crochet needed to be than the more reasonable amount required for a 23cm wreath. But I now have almost a metre of stripes and the sewing on can begin with the exciting creative bit just around the corner!

Linking up with Ginny and the other Yarn Alongers sharing what they are reading and working on.

Yarn Along


On my kindle Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D. H. Lawrence.  On my hook lots of sheep parts!

This week’s Yarn Along is all about struggle. I am struggling with both this pattern and this book.

Lady Chatterley’s Lover is my book for challenge number 16 (Read a book that has been banned or frequently challenged in your country) of Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge and I’m finding it rather slow going and a bit of an uphill battle.  However it transpires that the UK is not as big on banning books as many other countries and so there wasn’t a huge range to chose from for this challenge.  And so I plod along refusing to be beaten!

I am also finding writing this sheep pattern to be tougher than I imagined.  When I made my first sheep to go in my Moorland Wreath I sailed along happily making it up as I went along and jotting a few notes down.  As I have gone to translate those notes to a pattern I am finding that there are rows missing, inconsistencies and the notes don’t make a sheep like the one I already have. It’s all very frustrating.

Stubborn as I am I will be continuing with both endeavours until I am able to tick the book from my challenge list and write up the pattern but I am not having as much fun this week as I like to with my reading and creating.  Fingers crossed next week works out better for me!

Linking up with Ginny and the other Yarn Alongers sharing what they are reading and working on.

Yarn Along


On my kindle The Bone Sparrow by Zana Fraillon.  On my hook, still a Woolly Bully.

Last week I teased the beginning of this pattern hoping I would have it all finished by the weekend.  And yet here we are, I’m still adding the long hairs to the back of this cow and still working on writing out the pattern to publish here.  Its been a strange week with me being felled by a nasty bout of sickness and generally losing my crafting mojo but this week I am back at and convinced the pattern will be ready very soon.

The Bone Sparrow came onto my radar when Amnesty International mentioned it in a book list, it is subtitled A Refugee Novel and the little bit I have read so far is told from the point of view of a 9 year old born in a detention centre and still there now. I am just a few short chapters in but from what I have read it is likely to be a tough read despite excellent writing.

Linking up with Ginny and the other Yarn Alongers sharing what they are reading and working on.